our name

la mienne (n):

From the French adjective mienne (belonging to me) and the English mien (a person’s appearance), our name speaks to our mission—making the beauty experience as personal as possible, so you can look as amazing as you feel.

our story

You. Me. Everyday we’re hustlin’.

Leaning in, leaning out and bending backwards to work around everyone else’s everything. We need pampering.

So, we call salons, get put on hold, choose a time, get put on hold again, shift schedules, book babysitters, travel, sit there, then travel home. Suddenly pampering feels more taxing than relaxing.

We longed for a world where we could snap our fingers and POOF!—someone appeared by our side ready to take care of all our beauty needs.

Finally. Beauty services that wait on you.
Welcome to the world of La Mienne.

our founder

Our mission is simple—
to fulfill your beauty needs, while empowering the dreams of others.

As the eldest of three daughters and now the mother of three young children, I wear many hats—wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, community volunteer, entrepreneur. And I want to look my best while juggling the overbooked balancing act that is my life.

So I created La Mienne, an affordable and flexible beauty service to support today’s modern multi-tasker and offer beauty professionals an entrepreneurial opportunity to achieve professional success and personal balance.

Join us, try us, be one of us.
La Mienne. Beauty as you like it.

Patricia Ivancich Dassios